Home Design Sessions

Home Design Sessions For £150.00 Inclusive.
Thinking about Extending or Renovating? Don’t know where to start? What will I get for my money? Why not have a Koussa Architects “Home Design Session”. You may not need to extend you home to add value to your property, an on site design appraisal can unlock cost effective design solutions for you to increase the value and quality of the spaces you live in.

  1. During a Design Session with KA, by being on site we are able to communicate design ideas more comprehensively with sketches. Through firsthand experience of the spaces of each room, taking survey measurements, we are able to gain a full appreciation of the property in context – Natural light, spatial connectivity and identifying both the positive and negative elements of a property.
  2. All of our Design Sessions are with Managing Director and Design Principal Abdel Koussa, RIBA. As an experienced, fully qualified and registered Architect Abdel can provide you with the best design and technical advice for your home. Abdel has established a reputation over the past 15 years as a professional who has achieved recognition both at home and internationally for his work.
  3. KA can unlock potential in every property to maximize your investment.
  4. We can identify quickly if any urgent remedial works are required to the property.
  5. KA are committed to a progressive and responsible sustainable design approach, we can advise you what sustainable technologies would be most beneficial for your property, in terms of comfort and financial payback.
  6. During a Design Session in your home, KA can communicate sketch ideas not just by delivering a sketch on site, but walking the clients through the designs so they fully understand them.
  7. KA can inform you if you need planning permission for your project of if the proposed works fall under the criteria for Permitted Development.
  8. KA can give you an outline estimated budget for your project. (A more accurate Budget Costing can be provided if your project proceeds).
  9. We can give you an estimated time-scale for your project, and advise whether you will have to move out of your home during construction.
  10. We can explain both the planning and construction aspects of the project.
  11. Design Sessions last approximately 2 hours and can be organized at weekends as to not impact on the working weekdays.

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